Narrating Gatsby in a flood of Gatsbys

Ride to the top of the tide with confidence

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When F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby entered the world of public domain audiobooks in January,  2021, a veritable flood of Gatsby performances swept across Audible. Faced with such daunting odds of being heard amidst the rising audio tide of one of the most popular novels in American literature, I waded right in to give Fitzgerald's masterpiece my best turn at the Dungeon's microphone. 
It's's vital...for any narrator to own his or her performance and set aside all the other voices competing for the audiobook consumers' ears. With such a popular public domain book just begging to be narrated, my take on the challenge was to believe my version would, if I did it right, find its way to the audiobook library of many Fitzgerald fans.   
The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald
Learning the Nonfiction Ropes Through Pro Coaching

Last year, I had the pleasure of being one of Sean Allen Pratt's distance-learning nonfiction audiobook students through Sean's "Nonfiction and e-Learning Coaching."  

Sean's curriculum is thoughtfully crafted to guide you through the nonfiction narration and direction process, starting with modestly-challenging texts and winding up, after 12 months, with scripts that are right out of the nonfiction audio marketplace. To be honest, there were times when I wondered what the hell I'd gotten myself into--would I ever "get" the gist of the course and improve?  But Sean was there every step of the way, and I found myself enjoying the challenges of coping with everything from religious texts to major corporate e-learning audio presentations. 

For my last class, and probably because I am an aging smartass, Sean gave me free rein to play with my final assignment:  Describe a four-circle Venn diagram about audiobook narration. 

Here is the audio of my "Final Exam:" 

Vinny's Venn DiagramJim Moore

All-in-all, Sean's course prepared me to take on the nonfiction audiobook and e-learning world.

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