Why I Love Narration

Based in Northern Virginia, and recording out of "The Dungeon" studio, I bring years of voice acting, public-speaking coaching, and narration to the fast-growing world of audiobooks. Whether narrating an important non-fiction audiobook dealing with the history of global power players, or recording corporate-level executive skills improvement books, or telling a long-beloved tale of days of the Old West, or getting into character in one of F. Scott Fitzgerald's Jazz Age novels, I strive to project a confident, knowledgeable, relatable voice  capable of entertaining, engaging, teaching, and inspiring audiobook listeners. 


When I was a small boy, I was temporarily blinded in both eyes by chemicals in a household accident. For almost a year, my family and friends read to me, either at my bedside, or by telephone. I listened to all the children’s classics, fairy tales, history, and adventures. That experience with the spoken word left me with a lifelong desire to share my love of literature read aloud.  


I am a former news reporter and photojournalist. I served for almost 30 years in the federal government as a press secretary and speechwriter in the House and Senate, and for five Cabinet secretaries and, on occasion, for the White House.

I began commercial audiobook narration with BeeAudio, Ltd., in 2013. I have narrated 30 audiobooks and completed the BeeAudio narration and production certification course. I have narrated and produced 16 public domain books for Spoken Realms. For several months, I was the voice for The New Republic Magazine. I also record weekly for two non-profit organizations: Learning Ally, which supplies narrated books to dyslexic and visually impaired students of all ages, and the Metropolitan Washington Ear, which provides daily newspaper and periodical reading services for blind and visually impaired citizens of the Washington, D.C. area.

I have been reading for the Ear for fifteen years, and for Learning Ally for four years, recording more than a dozen books.

I am a certified audiobook producer, capable of narrating, editing, and engineering an audiobook from start to finish, adding valuable tools for my work as an audiobook narrator.

My home studio is lovingly known as The Dungeon. When I am not narrating, I am a wild-bird photographer, creating Backyard Bird calendars.



American history, politics and government, self-help, memoir, biographies, thriller, American literature, humor



American southern, Deep South

American Southern, Virginia, Carolinas

New Yorker



British: Cockney, Upper Crust


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