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Eugene Burdick's Masterpiece Is Now For Sale 

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From a Five-Star listener review:


"Listen to this book before Election 2020! 

This audiobook sends chills up my spine! The story is so vivid that it felt like a memoir more than fiction; that's how real it was for me. Every American (red or blue) should get this book to see how easy it is to be influenced.  The narrator nailed it; the character voices, especially the female voices, were all distinctive and believable."  Jenny

The 480: Preface - C. James Moore
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The audiobook version of Eugene Burdick's 1964 blockbuster political novel, "The 480,"  was released May 21 as a downloadable audiobook by, AudiobooksNow, Downpour, Play Google, Storytel, and others and as an 11-disk CD set by Blackstone.  "The 480" foreshadows the rise of social media and 21-century analytical data manipulation, the use of computer-generated voter profiles to shape--for better or for worse--the outcome of a major national election.
This sweeping 14-hour unabridged audiobook is the story of the rise of a morally-grounded and ethically driven businessman, John Thatch--a political neophyte--to the heights of party stardom through plots by devious party operatives who hold the keys (IBM punch-cards) of voter data in their greasy little hands.


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